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Glass Toasts 1.0

Glass Toasts will enhance the look of the balloon notifications
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Glass Toasts is an add-on for Microsoft Explorer that will enhance the style of the balloon notifications, giving them an aero glass look. It works in both Vista and Windows XP. Once you launch the application, you can choose the skin you wish the balloon notifications to use. You can choose among the Beta 1, Longhorn, or “Longhorn without shadows” option. You can preview the result by pressing the "Popup a Balloon" button.

You can run this program from the Windows Command Line, applying several options, such as “auto” (which will start Glass Toasts directly without showing a dialog), “show” (which will pop-up the dialog box), “stop” (which will stop the application), and “kill” (that will terminate the program, unloading it from memory).

In brief, if you do not like the default look of your balloon notifications, this program will give you a stylish alternative. You must consider that, since this program must load itself into Explorer, you need to have administrator rights to run it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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